Association Kinesitherapy


To qualify as a Kinesitherapist 

In order to qualify as a Kinesitherapist, RITMA requires that the applicant have the credentials of a Registered Massage Therapist (1000 hours and more) and have successfully completed another 300 hours training as follows :

225 hrs  Anatomy of the upper and lower limbs, spinal cord, joint mobility, muscular workings, reprogramming of muscular sensitivities, sport related kinesitherapy, back pain prophylaxis, vertebrae pathology, as well as specialization of cervical, dorsal, lumbar, scoliosis, kyphosis, and spina bifida affectations.
30 hrs  hands-on practice
45 hrs  Practical training 

It is understood that any/all applicants must :

  • Meet the minimum requirements of RITMA and possess valid diplomas for each of their specialties.
  • Successfully complete a practical exam and, if required, a written exam, in order to certify the validity of the diplomas.
  • Rigorously abide by RITMA’s Code of Deontology and Ethics.