Association Orthotherapy


To qualify as an Orthotherapist

In order to qualify as an Orthotherapist, RITMA requires that the applicant have the credentials of a Kinesitherapist and a Registered Massage Therapist (1300 hours) and have successfully completed another 300 hours* training as follows :

165 hrs  Pathology of the shoulder, of the wrist and hand, pathology of the knee, osteoarthritis of the knee, knee and ankle sprains, splinting, re-education, respiratory biomechanics, etc.
40 hrs  Hands-on practice
35 hrs  Body language
60 hrs  Practice and supervised practical training

It is understood that any/all applicants must :

  • Meet the minimum requirements of RITMA and possess valid diplomas for each of their specialties.
  • Successfully complete a practical exam and, if required, a written exam, in order to certify the validity of the diplomas.
  • Rigorously abide by RITMA’s Code of Deontology and Ethics.

 Code of Ethics RITMA