The RITMA Association

You are about to select a professional association with which to partner for many prosperous years to come.

Created in 2004, RITMA association represent Massage Therapists, Orthotherapists, Kinesitherapists, Naturopaths and Osteopaths. Since 2012, we have also been developing an expertise in accompanying relationship.  With its strong reputation, the association continues to grow and has nearly 3000 members.

Ritma's engagement is to promote alternative medicine and to be an advocate for its members with the Insurance providers, as well as with the varying professional orders and numerous tiers of government sectors to ensure that our professions are properly recognized.  The association is well known for its rigorous guidelines and requirements, which protects the public at large and also establishes credibility for our professionals.

As a member of our Association, you will be given a Code of Ethics, you may join a group insurance plan and benefit from discounts for your own Errors & Omissions policy.  Additionally, you will be invited to our annual conferences and this is just a sampling of the many advantages in joining our association.

RITMA is a member of CSMO.

RITMA is a professional association, led by a dynamic and committed team.

Our customer service as well as our member services is always professional, efficient and courteous.  Your calls will never be unanswered and if exception occurs, a return call will be placed within 24 hours.  With RITMA, you have a knowledgeable ally that you can rely on to resolve any dispute or litigation arising with any  insurance provider and we pledge to answer any question you may have.  Our team is at your disposal, we work for you!

RITMA is fortunate to have a preferential relationship with most major insurance providers.  Nonetheless, receipt acceptance and reimbursements remain at the discretion of each individual carrier.  

Our Mission

Ritma's mission is to actively promote alternative and complementary medicines and to support its members in every moment toward excellence.