Interveners and Therapists Group in Alternative and  Complementary Medicine

The associations

Each of the disciplines represented by GROUPE RITMA is administered individually within distinct associations that establish their own accreditation criteria. Each association is supported by a committee of experts who ensure that the specific needs of each association are met.

Our accreditation process is one of the most stringent in the industry and includes systematic verification of graduation and prior learning assessment.





who are we 

Our mission : To actively promote alternative and complementary medicine

Our commitment : To accompany our members at every moment towards excellence.


Created in 2004 and known as the RITMA Association until 2021, the RITMA GROUP is committed to promoting all forms of alternative and complementary medicine such as massage therapy, orthotherapy, physiotherapy, naturopathy and osteopathy, as well as support and brief therapies.

In Quebec, since most complementary medicines are not yet legislated, one of our mandates is to supervise and structure the disciplines in order to protect the public and the members. It is also to defend the interests of the members, by supporting them in their professional development, to make representations to the authorities of the ecosystem such as the Office des professions and the various levels of government for the recognition of its professionals.

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Protection of the public

GROUPE RITMA is known for its rigid framework, which protects clients by guaranteeing them quality professional services and ensures that therapists have solid credibility. A code of ethics ensures that therapists work in full knowledge of the laws applicable in their respective fields while respecting the activities reserved by the professional orders and the Quebec Professional Code. A trustee supports the ethics committee.

RITMA conducts methodical audits and reserves the right to audit at its discretion and at any time the methods, facilities and instruments used by its members in order to assure the public that the care offered meets all its quality standards.


Thanks to its integrity and transparency as well as the professionalism of its members, GROUPE RITMA has established a relationship of trust and collaboration with insurance companies, earning it a privileged position in the field.

Reimbursement receipts issued; RITMA makes their use secure by assigning individually numbered receipts to each member, making multiple or improper use impossible. Staff is also assigned to regularly audit member advertisements and websites, ensuring that non-therapeutic and professional services are not being offered.

Our receipts meet the requirements of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA)

The RITMA GROUP is also:

  • A committed community
  • A progressive vision
  • The advancement of complementary medicine in Quebec and Canada
  • Highly trained therapists

The strength of the group - Over 3700 members!

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