We, at RITMA, value the importance of continuing education.

Therapists are required to properly maintain and update their knowledge and skills, while keeping abreast of any findings and/or discoveries and new technologies in their respective fields.They must also update the rules and laws that govern their profession and industry.

RITMA requires that its members successfully complete a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education yearly.  To this end, we are pleased to offer a selection of courses/classes specifically geared to meet your interests, your schedule and your budget.

We invite submissions of your selection of courses and/or classes from the schools currently recognized by RITMA which can be offered to our members.

We welcome submissions from schools that are not currently accredited by RITMA.  Kindly contact us directly so that we may review your credentials.

For more information on these classes/courses, please contact the appropriate continuing education center or school.

RITMA is not responsible for the content, schedule or fees of these classes/courses.

WARNING: Some training from network marketing programs may not be recognized by RITMA. 

To post in our Continuing Education section, please send your request to pubweb@ritma.ca.  

Please note that most continuing education classes/courses are given in french, as they are offered by french schools.

Note that only continuing education will be displayed in this section, we will not display complete graduation programs.

There are no courses/classes going on right now.