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The RITMA Massage Therapists Association



RITMA massage therapist association is open to any qualified person with 1000 hours or more of training who works in the field of massage therapy throughout the province of Quebec.

Massage therapy practitioners with between 400 and 1000 hours of training can visit our section: : Massage Therapy Practitioners


Faced with various issues affecting the massage therapy sector for several years, Groupe RITMA contributes and strives to rigorously supervise the training and practices for the entire profession. To this end, Groupe RITMA has brought its membership criteria closer to those required in the legislated provinces, which require more than 2,000 hours of training. Thus, since 2012, massage therapists must have more than 1000 hours of training or have equivalent competencies.

Consequently, this protects the public by guaranteeing quality professional therapeutic services.

To date, the practice of massage therapy is not regulated in Quebec. There is no Order of Massage Therapists and no official legislation. In this regard, we believe that massage therapy professionals, the general public and the insurance community are well served, without the cumbersomeness and costs associated with a professional order. In fact, there is a strong preference in the field for the supervision of practices and the establishment of standards rather than the creation of a professional order. To this end, we invite you to visit the site of the sectoral committee overseeing massage therapy, one of whose mandates is the development and recognition of the skills of the massage therapy workforce. LINK to CSMO

Although there are various associations of professional massage therapists in Quebec, RITMA Massage Therapists Association is recognized for its high standards. The association therefore represents a community of highly qualified therapists in this sector.

Massage therapy is defined by Statistics Canada under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) 3236 Massage Therapists.

Definition of massage therapy - Source SPQ

Massage therapists contribute to the balance of the human body and to the general well-being of the person, using massage techniques. Massage therapists take into consideration the client's expectations. They evaluate the musculoskeletal system and soft tissues in order to :

  • Reduce or prevent physical dysfunctions and pain
  • Maintain or achieve physical balance

RITMA Massage Therapists Association Criteria for Admission

RITMA Massage Therapists Association is governed by a code of ethics and regulations that members are required to follow.

Code of ethics of Groupe RITMA.

As a professional association working in the field of complementary medicine, Groupe RITMA recommends that all its members have Errors and Omissions insurance, for the respect of its members and the public.


RITMA massage therapist association is a member of the Groupe RITMA.