To be recognized in RITMA Complementary Medicine Practitioners' Association, the practitioner must be 18 years old or older.

He/she must be a graduate of a school recognized or accredited by Groupe RITMA. Some other curricula may be submitted for approval. Contact the administration for verification.

The applicant must have a minimum of 400 hours of training in a specific, specialized discipline. Some prior learning may also be counted.

University training in some areas may be considered in whole or in part. Contact the administration for verification.

Recognized techniques are subject to revision without notice.

The training or activities listed below are not part of the recognized activities at Groupe RITMA. This list is not exhaustive;

Access bar, Access consciousness, Astrology, Blue Room, Chanelling, Palmistry, Deparasitation, Esotericism (any form), Numerology, Occult sciences, Tarot, Thianshi, Yantha, Angelic healing.

Groupe RITMA encourages continuing education. Practitioners must keep their knowledge and practices current. They must keep abreast of new techniques and technological advances. They must also keep up to date with the rules and laws that govern their profession and industry.

All members must take at least 15 hours of continuing education per year.

Groupe Ritma has very rigorous eligibility criteria and advocates the supervision of practices and the implementation of high training standards.

It conducts methodical audits and reserves the right to verify at any time the methods, facilities and instruments used by its members in order to assure the public that the care offered meets all its quality standards. With respect to receipts issued, it prevents abuse by assigning individually numbered receipts to each member, making multiple use impossible. Staff is also assigned to regularly check the advertisements and websites of its members, thus preventing the offering of services other than therapeutic and professional ones.


Groupe RITMA advocates that all its members carry Errors and Omissions insurance.